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Sanctuary Living is the real you expressed—the unquenchable, one-of-a-kind passionate person of creativity and conviction who rejects sameness, common, cookie-cutter, and vanilla to live a bold, all-in, authentic manifestation of your priorities, purpose, and perspective.

It’s extraordinary to have your people—mentors and influences—as part of your world. But even more essential is to have your own vision for a life that’s uniquely, unequivocally you.

Sometimes it’s hard to tease out the voices and confusion in your head. That’s where we come in!

Images are a great place to get inspired but they’re not going to help you uncover the heart of who you are. That’s the work we can do together, sitting across from one another on a cozy sofa or talking face to face over zoom. Because what’s missing is the conversation that isn’t focused on purchasing things but discovering ‘you.’

Sanctuary Living believes that creating a beautiful home is driven by a passion for cultivating the beautiful moment, one that not only draws out the best of us and our surroundings but inspires the sacred conversations that soothe the angst and make a way for love. Because what a home “looks like” should never be placed over how it feels.


We conspire to create a life that Embodies The Authentic You

Let’s start with you and design a living space that inhabits who you really are:
~ we’ll uncover the underlying issues that have been in the way of real change—fear, confusion, lack of confidence, budget. Don’t these sound familiar?
~ we’ll resolve what’s really stopping you and then let all of that go!
~ we’ll create a plan that works with who you really are and identify and acknowledge the innate personality of your home along the way.
~ we’ll go room by room and identify your Inspiration Pieces and sacred cows; let’s talk about what you love and what you’re willing to set free.
~ be prepared to embrace the principle that Interior Design begins with what’s going on in you not around you.
[includes the completion of a detailed questionnaire, administered during meeting time; learn what your answers say about you]

We help you live outside of your head—Over the last few months particularly, but maybe even for years, the “little chaos” we have allowed in has become consistent, permeating, and exhausting.  It’s time to let go of all the internal conversations and begin to settle some things once and for all. Let’s sit with a latte in the Studio and begin to:
~ make the shift to living a life of freedom and joy
~move from confusion to clarity
~release you from the “tyranny of everything”
~remove the angst and anxiety that blocks true creativity
~allow the real expression of who you are to manifest in your sanctuary
~nurture the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams
~let go of the “shoulds” and make room for the “anything’s possibles” within the framework of beautiful design

We empower you to make peace with your sanctuary—Is your home happy? Not the people but the place? Is the way you live compatible with the home you live in? Is your personal style in concert with the personality of spaces you dwell within? Let’s talk about how to:
~identify your intrinsic personal style
~recognize the true architectural personality of place
~match your style to the home in which you currently reside
~create a seamless presentation/manifestation of both you and your home

We teach you how to infuse your sanctuary with The Artisan Hand—Does your home have a personality that is unequivocally you? Do the materials you choose give evidence of The Artisan’s hand? Let’s work together to:
~identify and meet the artisans that share your innate sense of style
~source original/one of a kind pieces that evoke a sense of history and resonance
~learn how to integrate styles and original/unique pieces to create a more sophisticated and “anchored” space

We create environments as dimensional as those who dwell within—Is your dwelling space one that
evokes a connection that is more felt than seen? Let’s add texture and layers that invite all the senses to join in:
~Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell, Body Movement, Body Awareness, Introception
We encourage you to invite others in—Do you long to entertain but
find it all to be a chore? Let’s create a sanctuary that conveys Welcome at every turn, graciously invites others in, taking full advantage of the spontaneous moments and designing special occasions that no one ever forgets. Together we will:
~settle the issues in your life and in your home that keep you from “opening up” and inviting others in
~learn the 12 ingredients to a joy-filled gathering
~prepare for the unexpected moments of joy [drop ins, last minute get-togethers]
~identify what you love about entertaining and what you don’t
~create a plan that invites others who live in your home to join in
~uncover the secrets to cultivating meaningful conversation amongst
guests and fresh ways to connect with others in the intimacy of your

We revel in revering nature—There is nothing more sustainable than bringing the outside in:
~learn how to seamlessly and elegantly integrate natural elements into your spaces

~practice the art of The Foraged Home
~identify what “sustainable” really is

~create your source list of materials made from natural elements
~design spaces that invite the outside in,  expanding livable square footage by capturing outdoor spaces

We create your Tribal Manifesto—What makers and products speak to your heart and how does this manifest in your home? Together, let’s craft your comprehensive List of Favorites while we:
~uncover what you are drawn to and compare it with your partner/mate
~create your Tribal Manifesto of must have’s and have-on-hands
~equip you to become an effortless expert at the art of entertaining

Connect with Janene Kraft to register and ensure all of your questions are answered.