I’m troubled by the recent acceleration of activity surrounding our “institutions” and their heightened effort to immunize our children with the latest vaccine. There are mounds of public documentation on legitimate platforms across the globe that share specific details regarding why this might not be a good idea. I implore you to do the research before any hasty decisions are made that have verified potential for long-reaching, undesired results.  

The undesired results I speak of are not some “out there” conspiracy but something that resides in my body, that I have been living and breathing firsthand for the past fifty-eight years.

I have a strict writing policy and that is to avoid taking up space with information that is readily available somewhere else. Instead, this journal is dedicated to personal exploration—I passionately believe that our life experiences—our willingness to share what we’ve been through and how we really feel— is ultimately what changes lives.

My reticence to talk about something negative is palpable as I write…but what we go through is not only intended to change and make us stronger but also to improve and enhance other people’s lives.

What must be said…must be said.

When I was four, I was inoculated with a new-to-market vaccine. That I am, to this day, living the consequences of that decision makes my responsibility to the children who are being inoculated in this experimental season clear—before you jump to the response, “we have no proof,” let me [and millions like me] be the poster child for “I am your proof.”

As you know from multiple posts shared over the past two hundred [and counting] days, I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer on October 23 of last year. Ironically, this diagnosis came nearly one month to the day AFTER I published what I believe to be [in context of world events] the most important journal post I have shared. 

My personal medical history…YOUR personal history is something in past years we have rarely, if ever, spoken of—

But last September I felt compelled to share my childhood immunization story in the hopes of putting into perspective how one moment, one decision, can change the trajectory of ten thousand moments that follow.

In light of all that has transpired in me and is happening in real time throughout the world, I feel led to share my post, The Agony of Choice, with you once again.

I heard someone say today that it will take strong-minded parents to endure what is about to be unleashed. You may not see yourself as “this kind of person,” but from recent personal experience, may I tell you in all sincerity, you are so much stronger and more powerful than you know. 

I trust that you will forgive the redundancy but sometimes there are things that are just too important not to be repeated. You can curse me for my opinions, unfollow me and look away, but I hope instead you will place these words in context of a common ground [a shared experience] we have both grown so fond of, and a “voice” that leads with love in every single instance

Before you read the rest of the story at The Agony of Choice,
let me leave you with this—

Never let anyone coerce you into making decisions based upon an ideology of fear that:
~dismantles your belief in the body's miraculous and evidence-based ability to defend itself and to heal,
~discredits [doctor-prescribed] integrative medicine therapies that are scientifically proven to boost the body’s resiliency and reparative processes,
~discourages exposure to nature’s own inherent healing properties like fresh air and sun,
~demonizes those who make decisions based upon intimate knowledge of their own bodies and a medical history that is lawfully confidential,
~demoralizes and bullies those who stand on legal authority regarding their right to choose,
~deceives through eliminating availability of information about medically prescribed treatments that have full ability to put both body and mind at ease,
~drives and fuels hysteria and panic, creating an unnecessary burden on hospitals and emergency rooms.

One of my rules as a writer is to speak from personal experience. Sometimes this vulnerability isn’t easy, particularly when extremely personal information is shared. It is rare that I talk about certain health concerns and never in public. But it was necessary here.

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