Sanctuary Kitchen

Sanctuary Kitchen

THE SANCTUARY KITCHEN [Two Day Retreat in the heart of Napa Valley]

My relationship with the kitchen is complicated. As a child I was barely allowed to open the refrigerator door. As a young mama of three boys, I wanted nothing less than to be defined by the “traditional rolls” that my French mama, Jacqueline, and most of our mama’s wrapped themselves in.

Though my home was nearly always pristine, the kitchen became the one place that my three boys were free to make a mess. Sensing my ambivalence to being defined by the meals I put on the table, my little chefs took over the kitchen at a very young age and made it their creative domain. To this day, they are very good cooks.

My love for the kitchen has never been about food so much as the recognition of this space as the communal watering hole—the gathering place where our family fed our bodies while filling our hearts with the presence of one another.

The mother in me still concerns herself with nourishing the body.
The designer in me is obsessed with nurturing the soul.
This is why my life is dedicated to making the people+place connection—creating spaces that are beautiful extension of who we really are.

Leaning into all the is intrinsically Napa Valley – sweeping landscapes, provincial settings, a reverence for the earth, locally grown foods – Sanctuary Living inspires life transformation in a corner of the world where the elemental aspects of healing and beauty are profound.


What does the Beautiful Kitchen really look like to you? Is it a place to gaze upon or gather in? The answer shouldn’t have to be either/or. Because what surrounds us, inspires us…and this is the essence of the Sanctuary Kitchen. If you, like me, are craving a transformation in your home that compels you to fall in love with it all over again, maybe that transformation begins in you.

Let’s spend some rare, intimate time looking at your relationship with your Sanctuary with introspective eyes, breathing new life into the neglected corners of both person and place so that— Tightly held beliefs peel away like onions. Making room for something as sweet as grapes

In the Valley of the Vine. Where everything beautiful grows…
Let’s reignite your passion for this sacred space of nurture, gathering, and giving
For you…and the ones you hold most dear.

Much Love,

Connect with Janene Kraft to register and ensure all of your questions are answered.


Two life changing days filled with fun, fellowship, and fabulous food.


FROM YOUR AIRPORT…Start with a comfortable ride from Oakland or San Francisco International Airports on Napa’s Airporter Shuttle. The Shuttle will bring you to the Napa Airporter station and, from there, directly to your host farmhouse.

WELCOME TO NAPA…Sanctuary Living Napa welcomes you to the Napa Valley!  Exuding the charm and sophistication you’d expect from this world-class destination, Sanctuary Living’s private farmhouse accommodations delivers an experience that is as charming as it is relaxed and comfortable. As the event draws closer more details will be shared in your Itinerary Packet.

A WARM RECEPTION…Once you’ve nestled into your room and had a bit of time to unpack, your Shuttle will carry you and sister guests to Sanctuary Living’s Welcome Reception at one of Napa Valley’s exclusive Estate Wineries. Your host, Janene Kraft, looks forward to sipping world class wines and savoring tantalizing hors d’oeuvres with you in this inspiring space. Come hungry and leave filled with warm conversation and the anticipation of what’s to come.

*We recommend flying into SFO or Oakland airports so that you may take advantage of airport Shuttle service to Napa.


OUR MORNING BEGINS at the Sanctuary Living Studio where will have some time to get to know one another and discuss what’s ahead. Shop the Marketplace, explore the gardens, sip champagne and anticipate a few sweet surprises in store.  Let’s transition to the garden for a farm-to-table time of gourmet refreshment amongst the flowers. Let’s talk about life, what we hope to create, and what’s stopping us and then let’s toast to transformation of both what lies within us and the spaces that surround us.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON It’s time to set out on our Napa adventure. A short, breathtaking drive with vineyards as far as the eye can see leads us to our private “secret garden” experience complete with intimate and inspiring stories of three generations of sacrifice and love. We’ll taste some wine and tell our own tales of challenges, hopes and longings.

SATURDAY NIGHT, ST. HELENA FARMHOUSE AWAITS…After a luxurious afternoon in one of Napa’s most inspiring gardens, a short Shuttle ride through the charming town of St. Helena reveals the breathtaking St. Helena Farmhouse. Here, a glass of cabernet greets you and an evening of transformation unfolds. A remarkable time of personal insight, this Firestarter event will treat you to an irresistible gourmet feast-in-the-garden at the Sanctuary Table and reignite the passion inside from which all things beautiful spring.

SUNDAY After a relaxing slumber we’ll enjoy a continental breakfast in the garden and then we’re off to one of Napa’s most-visited and renowned culinary destinations for a behind-the-scenes tour followed by a round-table discussion and art session to help you create your Tribal Pannier—your personalized and comprehensive resource basket for cultivating your Sanctuary Kitchen.

AFTER SUNDAY, NOW FOR NAPA VALLEY…If you are planning an extended stay in Napa Valley let us help you play. Hot Air Balloon ride? No problem. A custom wine tasting tour? All you need do is ask.

As a courtesy to our VIP guests, Sanctuary Living will make all the arrangements, ensuring our Napa neighbors treat you with a special dose of TLC.

Upon registration please let us know your interest and we will work within your budget to build your special day.

Actual costs of excursions and activities will be forwarded for your approval prior to booking.

*Shuttle service will be provided to and from all Retreat activities.


~Rare and intimate time with Writer, Designer, Environmental Storyteller, Janene Kraft
~Workshops, discussions, and people+place Sanctuary Sessions
~Sanctuary Living Art Journal “Transformation Mapping” Session
~Shopping at the Farmhouse Marketplace—private access to our collection of one-of-kind found objects from around the globe.
~A special “welcome” gift
~Two nights accommodations at Sanctuary Living’s partner “luxury farmhouse” Napa homes.
~All transportation to and from Retreat venues
~Welcome Reception at one of Napa Valley’s exclusive Wineries featuring wine tasting + hors d’oeuvres
~Private reserve in-kitchen gourmet dining experience with Chef Mindy
~Complimentary assistance with your Napa Valley excursions [outside of our Retreat time together]

Airfare is not included.

Connect with Janene Kraft to register and ensure all of your questions are answered.

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